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Is your child preparing for GCSE, IGCSE, AS or A-level examinations?

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Are you considering using a private French & German tutor for your child? Is your child preparing for GCSE, IGCSE, AS or A-level examinations in French or German? Or are they concerned about the French element of the Common Entrance exam? Private tuition could be just what your child needs to boost their confidence and skills before those all-important exams! Liz, an experienced French & German tutor, can help.

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Private Homeschool Tuition

Homeschooling provides many benefits including a customised curriculum, teaching styles that match your child, and flexible schedules to maximize learning. It is a method of education that empowers many students and allows them to take control of their own learning. Liz is familiar with homeschooling styles and can offer comprehensive services to aid your child. To make the most of private tutoring, Liz closely assesses your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as looking at their personality and learning style.

French & German Tutor - Homeschooling

Language learning for adults

Liz also works with adults who want to learn how to communicate effectively in French/German. Whether you want to travel the world, communicate with friends and family or advance in your career, Liz can help you improve your fluency as well as your confidence through tailored one-to-one learning. Birthdays, Christmas - why not give a block of sessions as a gift?

Liz Matthews French German Language Tutor Adult Learning

Why Liz?

Why talk to Liz about your child’s private tuition? Liz has extensive experience of tutoring students of all abilities in both French and German. A qualified linguist, with an Oxbridge MA in French and German, Liz is PGCE trained; she has extensive experience of Modern Languages curricula, having taught in secondary schools across Oxfordshire.

French & German Tutor

Can a private tutor make a difference?

By working individually with her students, Liz can identify areas of strength and weakness and design tailored teaching strategies that boost the skills needed for examination success. Unlike in the school classroom, where teaching is designed for thirty students, private tuition with Liz is unique to your child. Because not every child learns in the same way, Liz is able to tailor the teaching approach to the different learning styles of individual students.

Private tutoring - time well invested

Does it work?

Liz’s highly tailored approach to language learning has delivered impressive and consistent results; students have regularly achieved final examination grades at least a grade higher than predicted at school.

Impressive and consistent results

Where, how often?

Liz tutors from her home in Chipping Norton and face to face via Zoom/Skype. Most students attend a weekly, hour-long tuition session. It is advisable to begin the tuition as early as possible in the student’s course, but Liz is very happy to discuss your child’s requirements at any point in their language-learning journey!

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